1000x Trading Competition: Win from $320,000+ Prize Pool!

Mark your calendars for the ‘1000x Trading Competition’, which will begin on April 29th at 00:00 UTC. All Moon Mode users can participate with a minimum margin balance of just $10.

This competition is an opportunity to showcase your trading skills and win a prize pool of up to $320,000+, which will be based on the total trading volume.

So, gear up and get ready to dive into this exciting competition.


  • The minimum margin balance for entry is $10.
  • Competitors may only use USDC as collateral.
  • The minimum leverage ratio is 500x, and the maximum is 1000x.
  • Maximum loss: -100%, and Maximum gain: +400% per trade.
  • The total prize pool is up to $320,000+ based on the total trading volume.
  • The competition has 4 categories, each with different rewards.
  • Only the top 10 competitors per category will win, with higher ranks earning more.

Competition Categories

Competitors will battle across 4 distinct categories, which have their corresponding leaderboards:

  1. Volume: Your cumulative trading volume during the competition determines your ranking.
  2. PnL: You compete with a cumulative percentage PnL.
  3. Survival: The duration for which your 1000x position remains open. In the event of a tie, the cumulative volume is a tiebreaker.
  4. Winning Streak: The number of consecutive wins determines rankings. If there’s a tie, the cumulative volume decides.

The variety of competition types ensures a fair environment for all competitors with different preferences. Depending on your strategy, you may focus on increasing your winning rate with a small budget or dominating the volume share regardless of your PnL.

Prize Details

The total prize pool grows in correlation with the total volume in cascade. Please refer to the table below for details:

Each category is allocated with different shares of the total prize:

  • Volume: 50%
  • PnL: 15%
  • Survival: 20%
  • Winning Streak: 15%

🌛 Moon Credits: Your Stellar Boost

Exciting rewards to brave degens of MOON MODE. Claim what you deserve.

1 Moon Credit is instantly usable as a $1 margin for MOON MODE.

  • How to Earn: Earn a Moon Credit every 5 seconds, and each MOON MODE position is not liquidated.
  • How to Use: Use Moon Credit as your MOON MODE margin, up to 30% of your margin.

The table below shows the amount of Moon Credits you can earn from each market at the specific leverage ratio of your position.

Ready to Join the 1000x Trading Competition?

Get your strategy ready! The 1000x Trading Competition is about to begin. You need $10 to jump in, but guess what? The rewards are through the roof, with a prize pool of up to $320,000+.

Enjoy the limitless capital efficiency Aark offers with its advanced UI/UX, powered by its innovative LP and trading structure.