Aark $ARB Incentive Program #3 — Calling Perp DEX Traders to Moon Mode



We announced yesterday the first $ARB incentive distribution to our traders and LPs.

Congrats to all winners!

Now, this doesn’t stop here.

We’ve just launched a Galxe campaign just for Perp DEX traders. By trading with Moon Mode on Aark, they can earn $ARB.

Are you an active Perp DEX trader? This event is just for you.

Let’s find out more details.

$ARB Incentive Program for Perp DEX Traders

This program runs on an on-chain quest platform, allowing participants to earn $ARB after trading with Moon Mode at least once.

There is a pre-requisite that users must fulfill to participate — to execute a transaction worth more than or equal to $50 on the following Perp DEXs:

  • Aevo
  • ApeX
  • AolloX
  • Kwenta
  • KiloEX
  • Level Finance
  • SynFutures

If you’ve ever traded any of these, join the campaign to earn $ARB! Just one trade with Moon Mode can earn you rewards.


  • 12 weeks(epochs) (every epoch starts/ends on every Wednesday at 06:00 AM UTC)


  • 5 $ARB per winner (First-Come-First-Served)

How to Participate

  1. Go to the Galxe Explore page.
  2. Type Aark to find Aark Calls Perp DEX Traders: Trade with Moon Mode to Earn $ARB!’.
  3. Check your eligibility for participation.
  4. Go to Aark Moon Mode to trade.
    *Make sure you are participating with eligible wallets with tracking records from other Perp DEXs in the list above.
  5. Open a Long or Short position to complete the mission.
  6. Claim $ARB from Galxe. Hurry! This is an FCFS-based quest.

Other $ARB Incentive Programs

Not eligible for the program above? You can still participate in other $ARB Incentive Programs with no eligibility check required. We have two programs, dedicating each to a certain type of user: