Aark Digital Getting Started

Today’s post is about introducing Aark Digital’s features and tutorials for users to onboard on the testnet server before its mainnet launch.

Table of Contents:
Getting Testnet Tokens
Feature Tutorials
- Account Page
- Futures Page
- LP Page

Getting Testnet Tokens

You need to acquire our Crew Role from Aark Digital Discord to claim testnet tokens.
If you are our Crew yet, complete the quests at Crew3 to become one.

Crew Verification

First, you need to verify yourself a Crew in order to get testnet tokens.
Go to ‘🚀┃verify-crew’ channel at our Discord.
Then, hit ‘Verify Crew’ button to submit your wallet address.

Once it’s registered, you will see a message as below:

Faucet for Testnet Token

Now it’s time to claim your testnet tokens.
Find ‘🚰┃faucet’ channle and click it.
You will receive three different testnet tokens as bleow:

For your convenience, we also provide you with Arbitrum Goerli ETH for Gas.

Hit Claim to submit the wallet address to receive tokens.

Important reminder:

  • Testnet tokens will be provided once in a week
  • Only Crew registered wallet address can receive testnet tokens.

Account Page Tutorial

At the Account page, you can observe your balance status and manage(deposit/withdraw) collaterals for Futures and LP.


Overview page allows your to check your status on each accounts such as Total Account Value, Futures Account and LP Account.

Additionally, you can check what assets your account is composed of through Portfolio.


Deposit & Withdraw

Before trading futures and providing liquidity, you need to collateralize your assets.

Choose either Futures or LP from the Menu on the left side then click Deposit.

Currently, assets we are accepting as collaterals are USD(USDC), ETH, and BTC which will be deposited in your account in USD value weighted by a certain ratio.

This is how to deposit your collateral:
First, click ‘Deposit’ button.
On the pop-up window, choose which assets to deposit.
If this is the first time you are depositing, you need to approve for that certain asset.

After typing value of assets to collateralize, hit ‘Deposit’ at the bottom.

Once the deposit was successful, you can check updated balance for the deposited asset from the list under Asset.

Futures Page Tutorial

Go to Futures page to start trading.

The main features of Futures are the followings:
- Markets
- Chart
- Order
- Position status


This is located at the left side of the page. From here you can choose a trading pair to trade.

Currently the testnet only supports for 4, however; on mainnet, we are going to list a wide range of trading pairs.


We provide advanced trading chart(Trading View) for professional traders.


Aark Digital supports for both of Market Order and Limit Order.

To set the size of order, users can choose one of the options below :

  1. Type either asset value or USD value in Amount section
  2. Click on leverage ratio in the boxes.
    Each % means the ratio out of the total leverage ratio available(20x). 25% (5x) / 50% (10x) / 75% (15x) / 100% (20x)
  3. Set the leverage ratio manually by moving the slide bar

Position status

Once the order is created, you can see details of the order under Position.

Also, from Trade History you can keep track of your previous orders.

Liquidity Providing

At the Liquidity page, users can provide liquidity and manage LP account.

In the testnet, the maximum leverage ratio for LP will be 10x. After the miannet launch, the leverage ratio cap will start from 2x which will gradually increase later on.

There are 3 options for users to open ALP position.

  1. Type either ALP value or USD value in Amount section
  2. Click on leverage ratio in the boxes.
    25% (5x) / 50% (10x) / 75% (15x) / 100% (20x)
  3. Set the leverage ratio manually by moving the slide bar

Place Order button to open ALP position.

Once the ALP position is successfully opened, you can confirm on your LP status on top of the page — Position Value, PnL, Entry Price, and Liquidation Price

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