Aark Digital Point Mining Event Reveal

The wait is over. Aark Digital Open Beta on mainnet is almost here!
Launch Date: August 10th at 1:00 PM UTC + 0.

In today’s post, we’d like to introduce the first main event of our Open Beta.

We present to you… Point Mining event where you can earn exclusive rewards!


  • Point Mining will start on August 10th at 1:00 PM UTC + 0.
  • LP pool will open on August 10th / Trades will open on August 11th.
  • Aark Digital Boarding Pass NFT holders will be privileged to participate earlier than others from August 10th to August 14th.
  • You can ‘mine’ points through Trade, LP, and Referral.
  • Points will be used for claiming Mystery Stones, which are convertible for various rewards such as $AARK.
  • Points will also be given to participants of Early Bird ALP.
  • Point Boosting for users in the top tier on Leaderboard is updated every epoch.
  • Each epoch lasts 24 hours and resets at 00:00 UTC + 0 daily. There might be a delay of up to 5 minutes for aggregating points.

Point Mining Event Guideline

Users can navigate to the “Reward” section to access the event page.

Users can check the status of Points, Boosting Ratio, and Leaderboard from the page.

What To Do with Points?

Users can earn points by participating in Aark Digital through Trading, LPing, and Referral. The Points will be used for claiming Mystery Stone, which is convertible for various rewards, including $AARK.

The arithmetical formula for calculating Points for your activities is displayed at the bottom of the article.


Your points will be updated in every epoch. This resets every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC + 0.

The remaining time until the reset is indicated on the upper left side of the page.


We have a Point Boosting system that allows users to earn more points by different Boost Rates corresponding to users’ rankings in Leaderboard.

Boost Rate multiplies the points that users earn within the epoch. For instance, if you are eligible for a 2.5x Boost Rate, the total points you earn within the epoch are original points + 2.5x of original points.


You can check various metrics, including your ranking status, such as:

  • Boost Rate: points multiplier assigned based on your ranking
  • Trading Points: earned from trading
  • Referral Points: earned from 10% of the points that your invitees earn
  • LP Points: earned from providing liquidity
  • Total Point: the sum of points earned from Trading, Referral, and LP

Important Note: Total Point does not include extra points from Boosting. To check the status of extra points, please refer to Boosted Points under the Points section.

Mystery Stone

To claim Mystery Stone with your points, click on the ‘Go to Claim’ button on the upper right side of the Reward page.

Mystery Stones Page

  • Points Remaining: the total points you’ve earned up to the previous epoch.
  • Claimable Stones: the total Mystery Stones you can earn based on Points Remaining. (Each claim consumes 100 points)
  • Loyalty: the Point you earn by claiming Mystery Stones. Based on Loyalty, rewards can increase by up to 10%.

How to Claim Mystery Stones

Choose the number of Mystery Stones and then click ‘Enable Claim.’ If this is your first time, you must authorize sending transactions.

After authorizing, you need to top up your Gas Fee Account.

By topping up your Gas Fee Account, you can claim your Stones seamlessly without extra transactions for gas fees.

Choose the amount of ETH you want to top up and then click ‘Fund’ to add the balance to the account.

If you have sufficient Gas Fees in your account, you will be able to claim Mystery Stones.

After the claim, if you want to open more, press ‘One More Try’.

The odds of picking each Mystery Stone are as below:

  • Stella Stones: 60%
  • Nebula Stones: 25%
  • Orion Stones: 10%
  • Galaxy Stones: 4%
  • Cosmic Stones: 1%

How to Open Mystery Stones

You can open each Mystery Stone displayed under ‘Unleash your stones.’
FYI, Mystery Stones are tradable NFTs that you can buy/sell from OpenSea.

Click on the image of Mystery Stone and type the amount you want to open, then click Open Stones.

After opening Mystery Stones, you can check what kinds of rewards you earned as the image below:


The rewards you can acquire from Mystery Stones are as the followings:

  • $AARK: Aark Digital tokens to be claimed at the TGE
  • Additional Points: extra points you can use for claiming Mystery Stones
  • Loyalty: the Point you earn by claiming Mystery Stones. Based on Loyalty, rewards can increase by up to 10%.
  • Credits: Trader Credits and LP Credits are used for leveling up your Trader Tier and LP Tier. A higher Tier allows for higher trading fee discounts and LP leverage ratio.
    Important Note: the Tiers will be applied during Official Launch after Open Beta.

Point Formula

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