Aark Digital Secures Seed Funding Led by Delphi Digital

Today, we are excited to announce that Aark Digital has closed its seed round led by Delphi Digital with participation from OKX Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, and Keyrock.

This investment from industry leaders will accelerate Aark Digital’s mission to disrupt the Perpetual DEX market with innovative features that will create strong synergies across DeFi.

“We are honored to participate in the investment of Aark. The Aark team is passionate about the derivatives track, the product innovation and mechanism design are remarkable, somewhat reducing the risk of LPs and increasing the return, and committed to creating a whole new experience of the trading platform for professional traders.”
Dora, Founder of OKX Ventures

Aark Digital is the first-of-its-kind Leverage Everything Perpetual DEX. Aark Digital offers Leveraged LP and leverage trading of Super Long Tail Assets, all thanks to Aark Digital’s innovative design:

  1. Aark Digital LP(ALP)
  2. Parallel Market Maker(PMM)


Aark Digital changes the dynamics of LP. Single-sided LP allows liquidity providers to use stETH, BTC, USDC, and many others to LP without the need to be exposed to a basket of assets. On top of such delta-neutrality, Aark Digital enables Leveraged LP, allowing liquidity providers to leverage their LP positions and earn up to 5x APR. Further implementing funding fees and removing borrowing fees, the balanced long-short open interest exposes LPs to minimum directional risk. Now liquidity providers can protect their LP assets while earning leveraged returns.

“We are thrilled to announce our support for Aark, a project looking to push the boundaries of the decentralized exchange experience for both traders and liquidity providers. Aark’s novel approach to passive liquidity provision offers step change improvements in capital efficiency and eliminates directional exposure risk. This is just one of many problems surrounding decentralized exchanges today that Aark are looking to solve.”
Sam Kim, General Partner of Big Brain Holdings.

Parallel Market Maker(PMM)

Aark Digital introduces a new AMM architecture called PMM which reflects real-world liquidity from order books of top CEXs like OKX and Binance. This lowers traders’ price impact to ranges as low as the top CEXs, making Aark Digital the most liquid exchange among all DEX and CEXs. This enables arbitrage opportunities for 300+ pairs, including Super Long Tail Assets.

“We are pleased about the innovations Aark brings to the ecosystem as a power user of decentralized perpetual trading platforms ourselves. We believe it can be a potent vehicle for base yield in the industry and are excited to see what the team can achieve.”
Juan David Mendieta, Co-founder and Chairman of Keyrock.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and learn more about Aark Digital’s innovations:

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