Aark Digital Token Mining Reveal


Token Mining is a ‘Trade to Earn’ event that incentivizes traders by volume. Anyone can participate in the program to earn part of our reward allocation of 3.6% of the total supply for the next 18 weeks.

What is $AARK?

$AARK is the fee-earning governance token of Aark Digital. $AARK’s total supply is 100,000,000.

Holders of $AARK are entitled to various benefits within the Aark Digital ecosystem.

Details on Token Mining


Each epoch will last for 7 days. The first epoch will start on October 11th at 00:00 UTC +0. There will be a total of 18 epochs.

How to Earn $AARK

Your airdrop amount will be determined by your trading volume within a given epoch divided by the total volume of the market. Each epoch’s allocated reward amount is 0.2% of the total supply or 200,000 $AARK.

Rewards Breakdown for League of Markets*

  • Altcoin: 70%
  • ETH and BTC: 30%

*Please note that the above is subject to change.

Making the same volume doesn’t mean traders have submitted to the same risk. Our new token mining program encourages each trader’s animal spirit by allocating exclusive reward pots based on the volatility risk they take.

The League of Markets separates markets into two categories based on their risk levels. This ensures that traders facing an equal level of market volatility can compete fairly for the token rewards allocated to the category while protecting against abuses made by trade miners from less volatile markets.

Rewards Distribution Schedule

$AARK earned from Token Mining will be linearly unlocked for 2 months after the TGE.

Rewards Page

Rewards Page on Aark Digital

When Token Mining begins, a new Rewards page will open. The previous Rewards page for Point Mining will remain active until further notice.

Your Rewards

  • Est. Rewards indicate airdrops you earn in the current epoch. The amount will constantly change as more traders participate in the epoch.
  • Total Rewards indicate the cumulative airdrops you have earned in the previous epochs.

League of Markets

  • Trading Volume represents your cumulative volumes generated for each market in the current epoch.
  • Est. Rewards indicate your cumulative rewards generated for each market in the current epoch.

Epochs History

  • This section archives your total trading volumes and the total rewards of the previous epochs.

User Tier Page

Tier Page on Overview Page

Visit this page to check your Trading and LP tier levels.

Trading Tier

The Trading Tier comprises six levels. Your 30-day average trading volume determines your placement within these tiers. Higher tiers reward you with greater fee discounts and increased Max Leverage for Futures trading.

LP Tier

Similar to the Trading Tier, the LP Tier comprises six levels. Your 30-day average liquidity size determines your placement within these tiers. Higher tiers reward you with greater fee discounts and increased Max Leverage for the ALP position.

For Participants of Point Mining

If you have previously earned a certain tier during Point Mining, it will also be automatically reflected on this page.

Leaderboard Page

Now traders can check their rankings from the Leaderboard page.

From this page, users can follow up:

  • Ranking by trading volume or PnL in every epoch
  • Total Trading Volume in 24hrs

Aark Digital deployed this page to provide users with a more transparent environment. Now user can check their trading status in real-time for better efficiency at Token Mining.



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