Aark Digital x Arbitrum — AMA Summary

On June 30th, 2023, we had an enlightening AMA session with our friends at Arbitrum.

ICYMI, here is the link to the recordings:

We dived deep into all things of Aark Digital and unveiled some super cool aspects of what we’re building.


  • We spilled the beans about our unique features — Leveraged LP and Parallel Market Maker (PMM). (The game-changers in the Perp DEX market!)
  • We shared our roadmap, that includes trade mining, token staking, spot trading, a mobile app, and even multichain support.
  • We also discussed the rock-solid security measures we’re implementing because, at Aark Digital, your safety comes first!
  • For our early bird Aarkadians, there’s a treat of substantial rewards during our Open Beta. APRs of over 90% just from token rewards — sounds exciting, right?

1. Introduction to the Team

Behind Aark Digital, you’ll find a diverse team of seasoned professionals and enthusiastic innovators. Our founder, Eden, has had a rich industry experience since 2016. Eden’s fascination with the on-chain space has led to the creation of Aark, with his knowledge drawn from various aspects of the industry, including Ethereum mining, exchange, Dapp, and MEV/hedge fund.

Our relationship manager, Ezio, ensures we stay connected with our valuable partners.

Demian, our Product Lead, spearheads our platform’s continuous development and enhancement.

2. Unique Features of Aark Digital

At Aark, we’re immensely proud of our two major features, which set us apart in the crowded DeFi landscape: Leveraged LP and Parallel Market Maker (PMM).

Our Leveraged LP allows liquidity providers (LPs) to reduce risk by depositing a delta-neutral, one-sided LP. But it doesn’t stop there — LPs can then leverage that LP position to maximize their returns, supercharging their profitability. This is a transformative shift from traditional liquidity providing methods, creating a game-changing experience for LPs.

Our other unique feature, the Parallel Market Maker (PMM), takes the peer-to-pool model to new heights. Through PMM, we can replicate the order book liquidity of leading centralized exchanges (CEXs). This ensures Aark Digital operates as the most liquid exchange across all existing CEXs and DEXs. Our unrivaled liquidity promises a seamless and efficient trading experience, opening up a new horizon of trading and arbitrage opportunities.

3. Aark Digital vs. GMX: The Distinctions

Comparing our model with GMX, we stand out in several key areas. We’ve observed that the significant losses incurred by GMX LPs often result from an imbalance in open interest among traders. In response, we’ve introduced a funding fee concept that incentivizes traders to maintain an even balance between long and short open interest positions. This ensures that our LPs remain largely market-neutral, even if the traders win.

Moreover, our platform allows LPs to stake with 100% ETH, potentially earning up to 5x APR while maintaining market-neutrality and delta-neutrality. We’re committed to ensuring our LPs have the flexibility and returns they deserve.

4. Roadmap and Future Plans

We are incredibly excited about our upcoming developments. Our roadmap includes the launch of features like trade mining, token staking, spot trading, and the Aark mobile app, designed to provide a seamless trading experience across devices. Furthermore, we plan to incorporate multichain support, adding to the flexibility of our platform.

We’re also eager to announce several major integrations with our ecosystem partners, fostering a connected and dynamic DeFi ecosystem that thrives on collaboration and innovation.

5. Early LPs and their Rewards

To reward our early LPs, we have designed a special airdrop program, set to launch during our Open Beta period. With 500,000 AARK tokens up for grabs, early and consistent LPs can earn APRs of over 90% just from token rewards. This doesn’t even account for the additional trading fees! We’re looking forward to seeing our early LPs enjoy these exciting rewards.

6. Special Events for Early Traders and LPs

To further incentivize early participation in our ecosystem, we’re planning a special airdrop event to allocate 3% of the maximum token supply. Both traders and LPs will have a chance to share in this rewarding opportunity, adding a new dimension to their contributions in the initial stages of our protocol.

7. Aark Token Utility

Our native AARK token is more than just a digital asset. Token stakers will benefit from receiving 40% of the fees generated within our protocol. Moreover, they will get escrowed tokens, providing a passive income stream. For traders, staking AARK will give access to discounted fees. Similarly, LPs can unlock higher leverage by staking AARK, enabling them to boost their returns even further.

8. Audit Status and Our Commitment to Security

Security is a cornerstone of our platform. We’ve already completed one audit with Hacken and are in the final stages of another with Secure3. To ensure the continued security of our platform, we plan to conduct a third audit post-launch. Our commitment to security is unwavering, and we will always prioritize the protection of our users’ assets.

We are incredibly excited about our journey and the opportunity to redefine the DeFi landscape. As Aark Digital, we pledge to deliver unparalleled services to our users, ensuring their security, rewarding their loyalty, and continuously innovating for their benefit. We encourage you to watch for more exciting updates as we continue our mission to revolutionize the DeFi space.

Stay tuned!

Website: https://aark.digital/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/aark_digital
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/aarkdigital