AARK Final Tokenomics Unveil


We’ve come a long way since the original plan was announced a while back. It hasn’t changed much, but as the collaborative interests of fellow Aarkadians are on the rise, we are reiterating the best distribution strategy for the community and are releasing the final form of the $AARK tokenomics.


$AARK is the governance and utility token of Aark. $AARK’s total supply is 1,000,000,000. $AARK holders are entitled to benefits within the Aark ecosystem.


  • Symbol: AARK
  • Network: Arbitrum
  • Standard: ERC-20
  • Contract Address: 0xCa4e51F6AD4AFd9d1068E5899De9dd7d73F3463D
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Initial Liquid Supply at the TGE: 4.4%
    *The total initial supply is 6.9%, including CEX/DEX Liquidity with a 2.5% allocation.

$AARK Total Supply Allocation

Annual $AARK Distribution Schedule

Genesis Incentives

Genesis Incentives (7.2%) are allocated to community members who contribute significantly to the early stages of Aark by participating in various rewards events from Point Mining, launched on August 2023, to Moon Festival in February 2024. Distribution schedules for each rewards event are divided into two types:

Distributed at the TGE(3.7%):

  • 10% of $AARK Token Mining, Early Bird LP Season 1, 10% of Early Bird LP Season 2, Point Mining, esAARK Token Mining, Moon Festival

Linearly Unlocked for 2 months after the TGE(3.5%):

  • 90% of $AARK Token Mining, 90% of Early Bird LP Season 2

Community Rewards

Community Rewards(29.4%) will be allocated for:

  • Trade Mining
  • Token Staking
  • Rewards for community contribution after TGE


Early Investors(22.1%) allocation is for investors that have participated until the Seed investment round. Details of our amazing backers can be found here.


Team(20%) allocation reflects the Aark core team’s share, which will be fully vested over 30 months with a 6-month cliff that will keep the team’s allocation locked up.


Ecosystem(16%) allocation will be used for:

  • Community Events (Moon Festival and others)
  • Partnerships
  • Ecosystem
  • Marketing
  • CEX/DEX Liquidity
  • DEX LP Rewards

At TGE, 3.24% of this allocation will be unlocked for CEX/DEX liquidity, marketing, and partnerships.

Core Contributors

Core Contributors(3.4%) allocation will be assigned to individuals/entities supporting Aark in the initial phase.


Advisors(1.9%) allocation represents the rewards for those who catalyze and give guidance to Aark’s growth in various areas including, but not limited to, investments, partnerships, community, and business.

$AARK Utility

With great power comes great responsibility — $AARK is the most crucial and effective tool that can decide the future of Aark. $AARK holders are capable and responsible of various roles within the ecosystem.

1. Governance

$AARK stands as the cornerstone of Aark’s governance framework, ensuring the platform’s continued efficiency, stability, and growth. This dedicated group of stakeholders, empowered by their $AARK holdings, wields significant power, shaping the future of Aark through a series of critical responsibilities:

A. Protocol Management:

  • Building, deploying, and updating core Aark protocols.
  • Optimizing parameters including liquidation threshold, Ecosystem allocation, rewards, fee structure, audits, and others for performance excellence.
  • Application of new products including options, NFT, listings, spot, and RWA as well as features including multichain and order book.
  • Approving incentives for individuals and entities contributing to Aark’s growth and development.

B. Ecosystem Oversight:

  • Qualifying new service providers to maintain ecosystem diversity and reliability.
  • Implementing penalties for service providers failing to meet performance standards.

C. Financial Stewardship:

  • Approving $AARK grants for research initiatives, community development projects, and strategic partnerships.
  • Managing the distribution of platform fees, directing funds towards Aark’s treasury, development fund, and community initiatives.

D. Operational Excellence:

  • Implementing a robust bug bounty program to address vulnerabilities promptly.
  • Responding to emergencies and unforeseen challenges to ensure platform stability and user security.

E. Ecosystem Opportunities:

By staking $AARK, four benefits will be applied according to the amount of $AARK being staked.

  • Stakers of $AARK or esAARK (AARK) receive $AARK as Staking Rewards. Trading fees and rewards may also be used for campaigns including trading competitions, buyback, token burn and airdrop.
  • Stakers of AARK will earn esAARK Emissions which can be used in two ways. The first is that it can be staked to earn rewards on a 1:1 basis with the standard $AARK. The second is that it can be vested for $AARK. During this period, esAARK will be converted into $AARK pro-rata per-block basis. esAARK is non-transferrable.
  • When you stake AARK, you will receive Multiplier Points(MP) at a fixed rate of 100% APR over a year. For example, if you stake 1000 AARK for a year, you will earn 1000 MP. Multiplier points can be staked for earning Stacking Rewards at the same rate as a regular AARK token. When you unstake AARK, a proportional amount of MP will be burnt. For instance, if you have staked 1000 AARK and earned 500 MP, then unstaking 200 AARK would result in the burning of 100 MP (200 / 1000 * 500). The burn will apply to the total amount of MP, including both staked and unstaked MP.
    *Important Note: you cannot stake MP more than the actual staked amount. For example, if you’ve earned 3000MP by staking 1000 AARK for 3 years, the maximum MP available for staking is 2000MP.
  • After receiving Staking Rewards and esAARK Emissions, you can Compound to exponentially increase the amount of your rewards, including esAARK, $AARK, and MP rewards.

F. Community Engagement:

  • Facilitating open communication and collaboration within the Aark community.
  • Incorporating community feedback into decision-making processes.
  • Fostering a transparent and accountable governance environment that empowers $AARK holders.

2. Vesting Rules

esAARK can be converted to $AARK by depositing in the vesting module. After the vesting is triggered, the esAARK will be converted to $AARK every second over a year. esAARK tokens that have been converted to $AARK are claimable at any time. esAARK that are unstaked and deposited for vesting will stop earning rewards.

The beauty of Aark’s vesting module lies in the flexibility of its boosting system. Users have the option to stake AARK to shorten the vesting period. The more you increase the staking amount, the faster you convert esAARK to $AARK while also receiving extra Staking Rewards and esAARK Emissions.

3. Fee Discounts

Currently, traders receive fee discounts simply with their $AARK allocations. Please note that after the TGE, users will need to stake to receive the discounts. Specific tier requirements and the corresponding discounted fee rates are as follows:

Join our TGE together. Let’s reach for the MOON🌕.