Aarkadian Road to TGE Series #3: Check Your AARK Allocation


We cannot express how much we appreciate your long-lasting support until we finally reach $AARK TGE. Let us celebrate this together to achieve another history in our journey to pave the new era for DeFi visionaries and degens alike.

Now, let us begin!

Checking AARK Rewards Allocation

Starting with Point Mining, Aark provided various events for users to participate in and earn AARK rewards. Here is the list of those events:

  • Point Mining
  • Early Bird LP Season 1
  • Early Bird LP Season 2
  • $AARK Token Mining
  • esAARK Token Mining
  • Moon Festival Airdrop

If you have participated in any of the events mentioned above, you will be eligible for AARK rewards.

According to Aark’s Token Distribution Schedule, each event has a different vesting schedule.

Rewards from Point Mining, Early Bird LP Season 1, esAARK Token Mining, and Moon Festival will be claimable at the TGE. The remaining rewards will be unlocked for 2 months after the TGE.

How to Check Your Allocation

  1. From the Aark front page, click the TGE Eligibility button on the upper right side.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. According to your allocation’s Distribution Schedule, you will see your allocations under the Claim at TGE and the Linear Unlock sections.
  4. Please check the My Eligibility section at the bottom for the allocation you earned from each event.

Please note that you can claim your AARK starting June 10th, 2024.

What’s Next?

June 5th: New Token Mining Begins

We are introducing a new Token Mining event with updated rules and allocation policies as we approach the TGE. The opportunity to earn AARK is still available. Don’t miss out!

June 7th: Early Bird Staking Event Opens

We are preparing an Early Bird event for Aarkadians who want to stake their AARK allocation before June 10th. Apply for Early Bird Staking to yield more! More information will be followed on June 7th.

June 10th: Claiming Page Open

A big day for loyal Aarkadians who have been actively participating in Aark events. On this day, you will get to claim & stake your AARK.