Become a Trading Legend: Aark Digital’s Traders of the Galaxy


The magnificent journey of Aark is about to commence. It’s time for all Crew members to prepare and come aboard Aark.

Moreover, exciting news like the upcoming Audit Reports and Investor Updates starting this week will pique your interest.

Today, as a starting point, let me introduce you to the “Traders of the Galaxy” event and delve into the details.

Get ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure with Aark Digital!

Traders of the Galaxy

‘Traders of the Galaxy’ is Aark Digital’s special event for initial users who want to trade on perps at Aark Digital.

Participate and you’ll have a shot at snagging an exclusive NFT to prove you are a true Aark Crew and a Mystery Ticket that could hold some serious $AARK rewards.

Important Rules:

  • Starting on May 19th, 2023, 11:00 AM (UTC+0)
  • Your goal is to earn points by trading on the Aark Digital testnet.
  • All previous testnet transaction history and assets will be reset.
  • There are limitations on the points that can be accumulated on the testnet.
  • Points earned on the testnet can be later converted to points in the mainnet (more information will be followed).
  • Accumulated points will be exchangeable for Mystery Tickets to receive $AARK.

How to Participate:

  1. Obtain the Crew Role through Galxe.
  2. Receive testnet tokens.
  3. Onboard to the Aark Digital testnet using the received testnet tokens.
  4. Earn points by trading.
  5. Points earned from the testnet can be converted to ones in the mainnet.

Details on Trader of Galaxy Points

You can receive Mystery Tickets based on the points accumulated through trading on the testnet and the mainnet.

You can check your status on your points here:

Total Points: Points considered for calculating the actual allocation of Mysterious Tickets.
Testnet Points: Points can be earned up to 90,000p by trading on the testnet.
Mainnet Points: TBA

How to Earn Points

  • Testnet Points: 1 point per $100 of trading volume
  • Mainnet Points: TBA

Again, to earn points, you need to trade on Futures.

Check the link below for a user guide:

How to Obtain Crew Role

Visit the Aark Digital Galxe page to get a Crew Role:

After accessing the provided link, you can obtain the Crew Role by following us on Twitter, joining our Telegram, and joining our Discord.

Once the process is completed, the claim button will be activated.

How to Claim Testnet Tokens

Now it’s time to claim your testnet tokens to trade on Aark Digital!

  1. Go to our Futures page:
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet.
  3. Click the Receive button in the upper right corner.

The types and quantities of assets you can receive are as follows
(gas fees are on us!):

  • ETH (gas): 0.05
  • Mock USDC: 10,000
  • Mock BTC: 0.5
  • Mock ETH: 5

Important reminder: testnet tokens are claimable only once a week.

NFT Bonus

Aark Digital has a little gift for all participants who successfully earned more than 90,000 testnet points.

For those who are qualified, visit the link below to claim your NFT:

The claim starts on May 22nd, 11:00 AM (UTC+0).

Aark Digital Galxe Page

The page is updated every 10 minutes. If you cannot see the Claim button, please return in 10 minutes to try again.

Join Aark Digital now and stay tuned for the upcoming mainnet launch!