Building a Stronger Aark Digital Community: Ending Mainnet Closed Beta Early

Hello, Aark Digital community,
We have an important announcement to share with you all.

Since the launch, our team’s goal has been to create a Perp DEX offering new experiences and technologies that never existed before.

We’ve been working towards creating an innovative product by developing a new codebase from scratch. Our first audit process, which took longer than expected due to its unique structure, is at the last step. We understand that it’s a necessary step to ensure the security of our users. We will share the details of our auditor with the public as soon as it’s complete.

However, there was one more critical component — community management.
Despite our efforts to plan events like Backer Disclosure, Trading Competition, and Trade Mining after the closure of Nitro LP, our users are still grappling with the product’s usage and requesting additional features. This is primarily because we didn’t prioritize community building and user onboarding.

As such, to better focus on building our community, we have decided to end the Mainnet Closed Beta ahead of schedule.
* But, the Testnet will remain live.

In the coming weeks, we will be unveiling exciting news and events that will bring our community even closer together. With this initiative, we aim to foster a stronger and more connected community that will expand beyond its current size.

As the Close Beta ends, all of the positions of Futures, ALP, and Nitro LP will be closed.
Most importantly, participants of Nitro LP will be rewarded in two ways :
1. Airdrop of the promised LP rebates to their wallets
2. Special benefits for upcoming events

Here are details on the schedule for winding down Closed Beta :
- 04/22/23, 1:00 PM (UTC+0): Open Futures/LP positions will be prohibited.
- 04/24/23, 1:00 PM (UTC+0): All Futures/LP positions will be closed.
- 04/28/23, 1:00 PM (UTC+0): Collateral withdrawal/refunds will be initiated.
- 04/28/23, 1:00 PM (UTC+0): Mainnet Closed Beta shut down.
You can close and withdraw positions at any time before the schedule.

Finally, we’d like to give you a little hint.
We are currently preparing for the Open Beta launch around June!

Furthermore, we plan to share much more exciting and substantial information than you expected. It’s regretful that we can’t tell you right now.

Our top priority has always been providing excellent experiences for all of you. Again, we’d like to express our gratitude to all our supporters.

Team Aark Digital