Celebrating the MOON FESTIVAL 🌕— $AARK TGE and Beyond


we are thrilled to announce the Token Generation Event (TGE) for $AARK. This milestone was made possible thanks to the dedication of our invaluable community. The TGE isn’t just an event; it’s the beginning of a new era for DeFi visionaries and degens alike.

MOON FESTIVAL🌕 is about to begin, so get ready to dive into the details and discover the new opportunities with $AARK. Thank you for being together with us throughout this journey — exciting times lie ahead!


This article delivers the following information alongside the $AARK TGE & airdrop.

  1. Introducing Aark: Home to Degen Traders
  2. Our Achievements
  3. Official TGE: before April 1st
  4. MOON FESTIVAL🌕: Airdrop Events to Ecosystem and Aarkadians
  5. The Final Token Mining Event
  6. About $AARK
  7. MOON MODE — 1000x Leverage Trading

1. Introducing Aark: Home to Degen Traders

Aark is a Leverage-Everything Perpetual DEX on Arbitrum. Aark is crafted to provide users with a seamless trading UX and unprecedented LP structure. Traders benefit from diverse collateral options and up to a 1000x leverage for assets, starting from Bitcoin down to your favorite meme coins. LPs enjoy boosted yields from leveraged LP and LST/RWA as LP assets, maximizing passive income opportunities. Aark is a secure, scalable, and liquid trading venue leading the forefront of DeFi innovations.

2. Our Achievements

Aark’s journey since the mainnet launch has been marked by fantastic achievements. Aark LP (AALP) TVL has reached an impressive $12 million on the back of Leveraged LP and Hyper-diversity LP which enabled LST(stETH, rETH) as LP for the first time in the perp DEX space. A cumulative trading volume of $5 billion has only continued to thrive on the back of our RMM(Reflective Market Maker) innovation that has made Aark as liquid as the order books of Binance. We’ve just launched our 1000x, and our story is just getting started.

Community-Centric Events
We designed our user journey to enrich engagement. Point Mining and Token Mining allowed users to earn rewards while contributing to the community. Community Listing democratized the listing landscape, and the Early Birds LP campaigns bootstrapped initial liquidity.

MOON MODE is the epiphany. We’re not just offering unprecedented trading leverage; we’re at the forefront of DeFi innovation, challenging the status quo and offering limitless possibilities.

The Renewal marked a significant milestone, introducing a suite of enhancements — advanced UX/UI, more collaterals, new trading pairs, and gasless trading. Collateral Swap allowed users for flexible margin management, and Mobile Trading allowed users to trade on the go. Further, endless possibilities are now opened by Aark through enabling liquidity provision using LST and GM tokens.

3. Official TGE: before April 1st

🚀 A Landmark Moment Awaits! High anticipations before April 1st. $AARK TGE celebrates our collective achievements and is a beacon of our future ambitions. We’re not just introducing a token; we’re establishing a ground zero for DeFi enthusiasts and degens alike, where every community member plays a crucial role in shaping the future.

4. MOON FESTIVAL🌕: Airdrop Events to Ecosystem and Aarkadians

For the next few weeks, we are opening three Phases for our airdrop through our MOON FESTIVAL🌕. Expect to be at the snapshot — you’ll want to be in the right place at the right time.

Our festival will be full of presents for our avid community members. But what is a festival without newcomers? Get ready for a BIG wave of fresh community members who will discover and begin to love Aark alike. This is your chance to shine. If you’re shy, don’t worry. We have three phases, so even if you miss the first phase, you’ll be able to enjoy the next wave of gifts.

We’re keeping the details under wraps for now, but stay tuned for announcements that will be made very soon. Stay connected and alert for our announcements — the airdrop countdown is about to begin!

5. The Final Token Mining Event

This is the last time you can mine $AARK before the TGE. After this period, the mining allocation will become substantially smaller. So if you just found out about Aark, it’s sad that you didn’t find us early, but we can tell you that you’re still not late. Last train is now leaving the station!

Starting February 14th at 00:00 UTC, 0.028% of the total supply will be distributed every Epoch, or every day. Seize this last opportunity to get your Escrowed $AARK(esAARK) rewards that you can stake to earn 40% of protocol profits or vest to earn $AARK.

6. About $AARK

  • Symbol: AARK
  • Standard: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

We’re updating the total supply of $AARK from 100 million to 1 billion to enhance reward distributions, moving away from decimals to more tangible rewards. If you already have received $AARK rewards from our previous campaigns, don’t worry. The change will be directly reflected in your rewards balance from the Account page.

Token Utility

$AARK has three major utilities within Aark.

  1. $AARK stakers receive 40% of trading fees on Aark (50% for LP, 10% for Ecosystem). These trading fees are earned in USDC.
  2. $AARK is the governance token of Aark. Once the DAO is launched, improvement proposals may be made for parameters and new products(perpetual options, NFT, listings, spot, and RWA as well as features including multichain and order book).
  3. $AARK may be staked for traders to receive tiered fee discounts or higher LP leverages.

7. MOON MODE — 1000x Leverage Trading

The $AARK TGE is only the beginning. Get ready for the launch of MOON MODE, Aark’s supercharged trading feature that lets you unleash 1000x leverage.

Now.. you can 1000x:

  • $JUP
  • $WIF
  • $BONK

Did you miss out on the recent meme coin rally?
MOON MODE is your secret passage to the next wave. 🪂👀

Stay tuned for MOON FESTIVAL🌕!
We can’t wait to celebrate this monumental event with our community members.

Thank you for being a part of the Aark community. We love us together 🎉