Early Bird Season 2: Soft Lock-Up Phase Begins!


  • Early Bird Season 2 Soft Lock-up is only available for those who participated in the program since the Hard Lock-up.
  • Soft Lock-Up Phase: Starts immediately after the hard lock-up ends on Dec. 20th at 11:59 PM UTC + 0 and lasts until February 20th at 11:59 PM UTC + 0.
  • Rewards: Earn $AARK based on your AALP position size, with 150k $AARK allocated.
  • Bonus Option: Apply for hard lock-up via Google form and share in an additional 50k $AARK bonus pool.
  • Exiting the Program: To exit before it begins, submit the designated Google form. Exiting disqualifies you from rejoining.

As we transition from the hard lock-up to the soft lock-up phase in Early Bird Season 2, exciting developments await our participants in Aark Digital’s Advanced Liquidity Pool (AALP).

The Evolution to AALP

  • What’s AALP?: ALP has been transformed into AALP, enhancing our liquidity pool with more advanced features and benefits.
  • Collateral Flexibility: AALP now accepts a wider range of assets as collateral. Plus, you can swap collaterals, like switching from ETH to BTC during market upswings, without closing your positions.

Soft Lock-Up Period Commences

  • Duration: From December 20th at 11:59 PM UTC + 0 to February 20th at 11:59 PM UTC + 0.
  • To Join the Program: Leaving your AALP position open will automatically onboard you to the program. If you want extra rewards, complete the form to apply for hard lock-up.
  • To Exit the Program: Fill out our form to exit. Remember, exiting means you can’t rejoin.
  • Rewards Structure: Participants will earn from a pool of 150k $AARK, proportional to their AALP position size. If you want to earn more, you can increase the size of the AALP position!

Bonuses for Staying Active

  • Extra Incentives: Stay in the hard lock-up to be eligible for a share of an additional 50k $AARK bonus pool, available for committed participants. Just simply apply via the form.
  • The application deadline for the hard lock-up is December 31st, 11:59 PM UTC + 0.

Important Notes for Soft Lock-Up Participants

  • Participants who didn’t apply for the hard lock-up will have the choice to exit the program upon submitting the Withdrawal Request Form. The team will unlock every Wednesday after reviewing the requests.
  • Choose wisely because you will lose the rewards and the right to join the program. The form will be available after the soft lock-up begins.

Didn’t participate in Early Bird Season 2? Watch for our next AALP program announcement — more chances to earn are around the corner!

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