Earn $AARK with 1000x Leverage Trading — Moon Mode Token Mining

GM Aarkadians,

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming Token Mining Event for Moon Mode.

This event isn’t just your average gathering. It marks Aark’s journey to lead the way in Perps 2.0 by integrating 1000x leverage with Perp DEX tokenomics.

Let’s dive into the details!

Moon Mode Token Mining, Maximum Opportunity

Starting May 27th at 00:00 UTC, you can earn $AARK while trading using Moon Mode. With token rewards and high leverage of up to 1000x, you can maximize your capital efficiency like never before.

Why Early Participation Matters

  • Limited Time Offer: The $AARK reward will only be available for a limited period until TGE.
  • Dynamic Reward Allocation: The earlier you dive in, the greater your potential gains as the competition becomes saturated with more participants later.

Major Adjustments on Token Mining

As we welcome new Token Mining for Moon Mode, there are significant adjustments in the trading fees and reward allocation:

*Important Note: As seen in the ‘To-Be’ structure, the Stablecoin Market(USDT-Perp) will remain excluded from the Token Mining reward program.

Please refer to the Rewards page for the updated allocation structure.

Ready to Earn $AARK with 1000x Leverage?

The new Moon Mode Token Mining event marks a significant milestone in Aark’s journey.

Seize the last opportunity to earn $AARK before TGE while trading with up to 1000x leverage.