Important Updates: Referral Policy

Dear Aarkadians,

At Aark Digital, our commitment has always been to ensure fairness, transparency, and the best possible user experience. We’re writing to inform you of two significant updates derived from our ongoing platform assessments.

1. Referral Policy Update

Our referral system has been instrumental in strengthening the growth and vibrancy of the Aark Digital community. As we continue to evolve, we aim to broaden our horizons and embrace a larger user base. After carefully analyzing referral patterns, we’ve decided to adjust the criteria to further encourage the inclusion of diverse and active participants.

Previous Policy:

Tiers were updated every Monday based solely on trading volumes generated by users’ referral links. The requirements for Silver and Gold tiers were $1mln volume/week and $3mln volume/week, respectively.

Updated Policy:

Tiers will be updated every Monday, considering trading volumes and the number of weekly active users invited via referral links.

The new requirements are:

  • Silver Tier: $5mln volume/week + 10 weekly active users*
  • Gold Tier: $10mln volume/week + 30 weekly active users

*Weekly Active Users must complete a minimum of 1 trade per week.

The new rates for rebates from trading fees generated by invitees are:

  • Silver Tier: 15%
  • Gold Tier: 20%

2. Introducing ‘Fee DROP the Beat’: Trade & Mine with Half-Off Fees:

Our zero-fee market event has now finally ended.

Big shoutout to everyone who jumped in and traded like there’s no tomorrow. Your energy truly sparked some fire on the Aark Digital platform.

After wrapping up our zero-fee market event, we’re excited to launch the ‘Fee DROP the Beat Market Event.’

Dive in and trade selected altcoin pairs with a whopping 50% fee discount. Keep an eye out as we’ll be unveiling new pairs daily. Gear up to mine rewards at the most competitive fees yet!


Your trust and support have been instrumental in our journey so far. As always, our team remains dedicated to providing an unparalleled trading experience.

For any queries or further clarification, please contact us through our Discord.

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