Join the Nitro LP: Tips for a Successful Participation

We have been thrilled with the level of engagement and excitement from our community surrounding Nitro LP.

However, we have noticed that there are some questions and feedback that the community repetitively raises. Therefore, we want to take a moment to address these and provide clarity on some key points.

1. Nitro LP is on Mainnet

The Nitro LP is a special event for users willing to provide liquidity to the ALP(Aark Digital Liquidity Pool) for the success of Aark Digital’s mainnet launch.

In exchange for participating as early LPs, the Nitro LP program provides additional rewards such as LP Rebates and Airdrops. Therefore, if you want to participate in Nitro LP, you must deposit on the mainnet not the testnet.
Here is the ULR of the Nitro LP page:

2. First on Arbitrum? Add the Network to Your MetaMask

Is this your first time visiting Arbitrum? Well, you came to the right place! Arbitrum is currently one of the most renowned and promising L2 chains. Here’s how you add Arbitrum to your MetaMask wallet.

First, visit: then click ‘Connect Wallet’ on the upper right of the page.

Now, if your wallet is not connected to Arbitrum network, you will see a pop-up below:

Click ‘Add Network’ and approve from your wallet, then you are done!

Otherwise, you can add the network manually with the following steps:

  1. Click the network menu on the top of MetaMask and click ‘Add network’

2. Find Arbitrum One from the list and click add then approve.

3. Nitro LP UI Questions

Q1. I can’t find the Deposit UI from the Nitro LP page
If you scroll down a little, you will see the UI below:

If you still struggle with finding it, you may want to check if your wallet is connected to the Arbitrum network.

Q2. Do I need to approve USDC for every tier?
Yes, you must. This is because each tier has its own separate contract.

We will add them here as we receive more feedback.

4. Regular LP Yields and LP Rebates from Ntiro LP

Regular LP Yields
Users earn 50% of the total trading fees as rewards by providing liquidity to the ALP.

Nitro LP Rebates
Nitro LP gives LP rebates on top of the original LP yields. The source of LP rebates is the other 50% of trading fees.
Therefore, Degen Tier LP Rebate = 80% from 50% of trading fees.

Please refer to the Tier List below for details on LP rebates in each tier :

This is it for now. We will upload more FAQs as receive more feedback from the community. Until then, please do not hesitate to ask us questions!

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