New Aark Digital Logo — Commitment to Innovation and Safety in DeFi Universe.

Fellow Aarkadians,

We proudly present our new logo reflecting our core values and vision.

Today’s article will reiterate who we are, what we stand for, and the brand story of the new logo.

Our Values

We challenge the status quo of the traditional financial market with a belief in the limitless potential of digitalization for all financial assets. We build a product to empower individuals to safely engage with a sophisticated level of finance in the decentralized space.

Aark Digital is the first-of-its-kind Leverage Everything Perpetual DEX, changing the game in Perp trading and liquidity provision. We aim to offer an equal level of trading UX and liquidity with that of CEXs while guaranteeing users’ self-custody of their assets.

Our Story for New Logo

Aark Digital’s ‘Aark’ originated from an image of ‘Ark in Space’ that constantly explores new frontiers while being the shelter for its passengers. It reflects our mission to build a safe DeFi space with unlimited potential. Essentially, we propose that Aark Digital be the “Ark” of DeFi, providing pioneering features with a commitment to safety.

To further resonate our vision with the community, we arrived at a new logo design that perfectly encapsulates the essence of innovations we will bring to the world.

The circular shape of the logo represents our vision to become the utopia of DeFi. It conveys the idea of a perfect world and the endless exploration of the new frontier. The circle also intuitively represents the ‘a’ in Aark, adding a unique touch to our brand portrayal.

We are proud of our new logo and believe it reflects our innovative spirit in the best way possible. With this logo, Aark Digital has a better medium to distinguish its identity from others.

What We Do and How We Do It?

Advanced features for Traders

Aark Digital provides features for exceptional trading UX based on understanding the demands of traders. It implements Multi-Collaterals for more flexible asset management, cross-margin, and a Futures Account page for efficient portfolio management.

Aark Digital also focuses on providing various trading options for users. Its funding fee mechanism allows traders to deploy funding rate arbitrage strategies to earn profits while enhancing Long/Short open interests(OI) skew. Its new AMM architecture, called PMM, reflects real-world liquidity from order books of top CEXs like OKX and Binance. This lowers traders’ price impact to ranges as low as the top CEXs, making Aark Digital the most liquid exchange among all DEX and CEXs. This enables arbitrage opportunities for 300+ pairs, including Super Long Tail Assets.

Revolutionary Liquidity Pool Structure

Aark Digital changes the dynamics of LP. Single-sided LP allows liquidity providers to use stETH, BTC, USDC, and many others to LP without the need to be exposed to a basket of assets. On top of such delta-neutrality, Aark Digital enables Leveraged LP, allowing liquidity providers to leverage their LP positions and earn up to 2x APR. Further implementing funding fees and removing borrowing fees, the balanced long-short open interest exposes LPs to minimum directional risk. Now, liquidity providers can protect their LP assets while earning leveraged returns.

As mentioned, Aark Digital’s funding fees encourage arbitrageurs to balance the Long/Short open interest (OI) at 50:50. This helps maintain market neutrality for liquidity providers (LPs). Specifically, the LP pool only takes on profit and loss (PNL) from OI imbalances, such as 2% of PNL when the long-short OI is at 51:49. Aark Digital enhances stability by implementing ‘continuous’ funding fees, paid out at block intervals, unlike the typical one or eight-hour intervals seen on other platforms.

Safety at Its Best

As much as it emphasizes pioneering the DeFi, Aark Digital prioritizes the safety of users. Two security audits from reliable auditors, Hacken and Secure3, validate its steadfast structure.

Later, Aark Digital will further solidify its safety measures by establishing an Insurance Fund similar to Binance’s SAFU. It safeguards LPs from bad debts accumulated when liquidators fail to close positions and other force majeure events.

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