New MOON MODE with $JUP on 1000x Leverage Trading

GM Aarkadians,

We are thrilled to announce that $JUP is finally listed on MOON MODE. This is just the beginning. More will come to MOON MODE. Stay tuned!

Updates on MOON MODE

Thank you for being patient while we closed on MOON MODE for updates. Today, we’d like to cover what is new to MOON MODE.


  • Now, you can check the ROI of your closed position directly from the Trade History tab underneath the chart. You can monitor your profitability in detail to manage your risk more efficiently.

New Fee Structure

  • Open Fee: 0.01%
  • Close Fee: 20% of Positive PnL
  • Penalty Fee: 0.01% to 0.02%, depending on the trading pair and the time of holding a position.

Policy Updates

  • The minimum leverage ratio is 500x.
  • Take Profit can be triggered from 0% up to 400% profits.
  • Maximum loss: -100%, Maximum gain: +400%.
  • Traders may only use USDC as collateral.
  • Token Mining and Referral are not supported in Moon Mode.

🌛 Moon Credits: Your Stellar Boost

Exciting rewards to brave degens of MOON MODE. Claim what you deserve.

1 Moon Credit is instantly usable as a $1 margin for MOON MODE.

  • How to Earn: Earn a Moon Credit every 5 seconds, and each MOON MODE position is not liquidated.
  • How to Use: Use Moon Credit as your MOON MODE margin, up to 30% of your margin.

The table below shows the amount of Moon Credits you can earn from each market at the specific leverage ratio of your position.

New Trading Pairs

Recently, we’ve listed $SOL, $ARB, $DOGE, $MATIC, and now $JUP. We can list more pairs for 1000x leverage with the new MOON MODE.

Stay tuned for more listing announcements!

Stay tuned for MOON FESTIVAL🌕!

We can’t wait to celebrate this monumental event with our community members.