Last Token Mining — Final chance to earn $AARK

Token Mining Rewards in $AARK

Aark hits over $10B Total Volume!
Aarkadians, thank you for your support.

To show gratitude, we are giving Token Mining rewards in $AARK for a month. Let’s celebrate the MOON FESTIVAL together! 🌕

Details on Token Mining


Each epoch equals 1 day. Every epoch starts and renews at 00:00 UTC every day.

How to Earn $AARK

  1. Go to the Perpetuals page and click Classic Mode.
  2. Trade in any market. Your $AARK rewards will be determined by your trading volume within an epoch divided by the total volume of the market.
  3. You can check your trading volume and $AARK rewards from the Rewards page.
  4. Each epoch’s allocated reward amount is 280,000 $AARK.
  5. Trading volume from Moon Mode is not counted for Token Mining.

$AARK Allocation per Market:

  • BTC/ETH: 80,000 $AARK
  • Altcoin: 200,000 $AARK

*Important Note: BTC/ETH market is on ‘Zero Fee Event’. Enjoy the chance to earn $AARK without trading fees.

Rewards Page

Your Rewards

  • Est. Rewards indicate the $AARK you earned in the current epoch. The amount will constantly change as more traders participate before each epoch is over.
  • Total Rewards indicate the cumulative $AARK or esAARK you have earned in the previous epochs.

League of Markets

  • Total Trading Volume equals the real-time volume generated by all participants in the epoch.
  • Trading Volume represents your current trading volumes in the epoch.
  • Your Est. Rewards indicate your cumulative rewards generated for each market in the current epoch.

Epochs History

  • This section archives your total trading volumes and the total rewards of the previous epochs.

Join the MOON FESTIVAL, and let’s reach for the stars together.