Summary on Aark AMA: Journey to New Horizon

GM Aarkadians, here’s a summary of our AMA on March 26th.
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Let us begin.


  • TGE Schedule Adjustment to May
  • Long-Term Vision of Aark
  • Pre TGE Rewards
  • Upcoming Events and Opportunities

TGE Schedule Adjustment to May

  • Security Audit for esAARK staking module: Aark is prioritizing a comprehensive audit of the esAARK staking module by a leading third-party auditor. This ensures any vulnerabilities are addressed before launch.
  • Investor Interest and Funding: High investor demand has led Aark to carefully review investment offers, ensuring they align with the platform’s long-term vision and sustainability, contributing to the timeline adjustment.
  • Strategic CEX Listings: Essential to Aark’s launch strategy are strategic listings on top CEXs to boost liquidity and market presence. Detailed negotiations and campaign planning with CEXs are underway.
  • Pre-TGE Community Engagement: Aark keeps the community engaged with events like the Moon Festival and competitions, offering plentiful rewards and active participation opportunities until the TGE.

Long-Term Vision of Aark

Focus on Liquidity and Integration of LST/LRT

Aark leverages LST (Liquid Staking Tokens) and LRT (Liquid Reward Tokens) to solve DeFi’s fragmented liquidity issue. This integration positions Aark as a central hub in DeFi’s liquidity landscape, potentially encompassing the vast market of Ethereum’s staked assets. By tapping into these sectors’ potential, Aark aims to be the most liquid DeFi platform. This strategic move addresses the challenge of high price slippage and positions Aark for scalable growth.

Recently, Aark integrated Pandals PT token as part of this vision, showcasing the flexibility and scalability of Aark’s infrastructure. This move symbolizes the potential to include any ERC token into Aark’s liquidity pool, promising significant APR for liquidity providers and indicating a future where traders face a unified front-end for all their trading needs.

Scalable Trading Environment with Moon Mode

For the trading side, Aark is particularly excited about the potential of its Moon Mode. Since its launch in February 2024, it’s already seen a $100mln daily volume launch, which is outperforming most of the competitors. This initiative is part of Aark’s broader strategy to enhance its platform’s appeal and functionality, aiming to outcompete a significant portion of the perpetual DEX market and assert itself as a major player in the DeFi ecosystem.

Pre-TGE Rewards:

  • Token Mining: This is the most lucrative period for earning $AARK tokens because you can earn them by trading BTC/ETH on the Zero Trading Fee event. Plus, these $AARK will be unlocked within two months of the TGE.
  • Leaderboard Competition: This is open to all, regardless of Moon Festival participation. Participants earn points through trading in Moon Mode and Classic Mode and liquidity provision. 10mln of AARK tokens are distributed among participants, rewarding the top 100.
  • Moon Festival Airdrop Campaign: The ongoing Moon Festival Phase 2 invites Perp DEX users from other platforms to participate. With 10mln of AARK airdrops being available, this phase aims to broaden the user base and engage the community in Aark’s ecosystem.

Upcoming Events and Opportunities:

  • Launchpad Sales: Based on the open communication with the best launchpads in the market, Aark is currently reviewing various options to hold the most successful sales for participants.
  • Multi-chain: Aark is primarily focused on the Arbitrum chain, appreciating its current status as a leading platform for perpetual DEX volumes. As such, Aark’s immediate strategy does not include active expansion to other chains but remains open to opportunities that align with its long-term vision and market dynamics, keeping a strong foundation on Arbitrum.
  • Co-Marketing with CEXs: As Aark launches its primary listing on one of the potential CEX partners, it will initiate a marketing campaign that rewards users for boosting market visibility. More details will be unveiled as it gets closer to TGE. Stay tuned.

Rest assured, Join the MOON FESTIVAL. Let’s reach for the stars together.