TGE Claim Page is Live NOW — Various Reward Options Available


We are coming close to our TGE on June 10th!

Yesterday, we announced our Early Bird Staking Program, a chance to lock in your AARK early to earn a Staking Reward Boost of up to 50%.

Today, we’re excited to launch the TGE Claim Page, allowing you to claim & stake your AARK($AARK & esAARK) seamlessly.

Claim Page

Here’s how to navigate your options with AARK at the TGE and maximize your rewards:

Types of AARK Tokens

  1. Claimable at TGE Amount: Available immediately at the TGE on June 10th.
  2. Linear Unlock Amount: Unlock over 2 months from the TGE.

Options for Claimable at TGE Amount

  1. Early Bird Staking: Lock your AARK to earn a 50% Staking Reward Boost.
  2. Direct Claim: Claim $AARK directly to your wallet without extra rewards.

Options for Linear Unlock Amount

  1. Early Bird Staking: Lock your AARK to earn a 25% Staking Reward Boost until June 10th.
  2. Advance Claim: Instantly claim 30% of the original amount until June 10th.
  3. 2 Months Linear Unlock: Claim the full amount after 2 months without extra benefits.

How to Use the TGE Claim Page

  1. Visit the TGE Claim Page.
  2. Select the type of AARK — Claimable at TGE or Linear Unlock.
  3. Select an option to either stake or claim.
  4. For inquiries, please get in touch with us on Discord.