Zero Fees on BTC/ETH Perps at Aark Digital for a Limited Time.

Celebrating the New Year with the New Change!

Aark Digital is thrilled to announce an exciting event for our users: Zero trading fees on BTC and ETH Perps!

This special offer is not just an opportunity to trade two of the most popular cryptocurrencies without fees; it’s a chance to maximize your rewards during Token mining.

Zero Fees, Maximum Potential

Starting from Jan 10th at 00:00 UTC +0, you can trade BTC and ETH Perps on Aark Digital without trading fees. It’s a rare chance in the world of DeFi, where every transaction cost saved is an advantage gained.

Why Early Participation Matters

  • Limited Time Offer: The zero-fee event is available for a limited period. The early participants will reap the most benefits.
  • Dynamic Reward Allocation: Alongside this event, the allocation of rewards in our Token Mining program is evolving. The earlier you dive in, the greater your potential gains as the reward allocation is subject to decrease over time.

Major Adjustments in Token Mining Rewards

As we bid farewell to the ‘Fee Drop the Beat’ event, there are significant adjustments in the Token Mining reward allocation:


  • ‘Fee Drop the Beat’: 5%
  • Stablecoin: 5%
  • BTC/ETH: 40%
  • Altcoin: 50%


  • BTC/ETH: 40%
  • Altcoin: 60%

Important Note: As seen in the ‘To-Be’ structure, the Stablecoin Market(USDT-Perp) is no longer part of the Token Mining reward program.

Please refer to the Rewards page for the updated allocation structure.

The New Zero-Fee event on BTC/ETH Perps, combined with the reallocation of Token Mining rewards, marks a significant milestone in Aark Digital’s journey.

Seize the limited-time opportunity to earn rewards while trading on the best on-chain Futures platform.

Join the movement: