Aark Digital Tokenomics— Genesis of the New Chapter

$AARK is the fee-earning governance token of Aark Digital. $AARK’s total supply is 1,000,000,000.

Holders of $AARK are entitled to various benefits within the Aark Digital ecosystem.

Aark Digital Tokenomics

  • Symbol: AARK
  • Network: Arbitrum
  • Standard: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Expected initial circulating supply at the TGE: 2.0%
    - Currently, all initial circulating supply comes from Genesis Incentives.


Genesis Incentives

Genesis Incentives(6%) are allocated to community members that contribute the most to the early stages of Aark Digital. Genesis Incentives will be used for various purposes as below:

  • Rewards for Early Bird ALP and Point Mining (distributed at TGE)
  • Rewards for events before TGE (linear unlock for 2 months after TGE)

Community Rewards

Community Rewards(31%) will be allocated for:

  • Trade Mining*
  • Token Staking
  • Early Incentives
  • Rewards for community contribution before and after TGE

*Trade Mining rewards will be categorized into two parts: 1) Base Mining Rewards, where a portion of the allocation will be distributed as flat base rewards, and 2) Triggered Mining Rewards, where the entire allocation is distributed once specific trading volume thresholds are met. Details are to be announced before the beginning of the Trade Mining season.

Early Investors

Early Investors(15.1%) allocation is for investors that have participated in the Seed investment round. Details of our amazing backers can be found here.

Future Investors

Future Investors(5.9%) allocation is for opportunistic fundraising in additional investment rounds.


Team(20%) allocation reflects the Aark Digital core team’s share.


Ecosystem(16%) allocation will be used for:

  • Airdrop for Testnet Users
  • Future Contributors
  • Partnerships
  • Ecosystem
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • CEX/DEX Liquidity
  • DEX LP Rewards

Core Contributors

Core Contributors(4%) allocation will be assigned to individuals/entities supporting Aark Digital in the initial phase.


Advisors(3%) allocation represents the rewards for those who catalyze and give guidance to Aark Digital’s growth in various areas including, but not limited to, investments, partnerships, community, and business.

The allocation may undergo changes as Aark Digital is currently in discussions with new investors. We eagerly anticipate keeping our community informed of any developments.

$AARK Utility

$AARK has three major utilities within Aark Digital.

$AARK stakers receive 40% of trading fees on Aark Digital (50% for LP, 10% for Ecosystem). These trading fees are earned in the form of USDC.

  • Stakers of $AARK will have two options for rewards: compounding and claiming. Compounding will stake your pending Multiplier Points and Escrowed $AARK(esAARK) rewards. Higher Multiplier Points will boost rewards. Claiming will immediately transfer pending esAARK and rewards to your wallet.
  • esAARK can be used in two ways. The first is that it can be staked to earn rewards on a 1:1 basis with the standard $AARK. The second is that it can be vested for $AARK over 1 year. During this period, esAARK will be converted into $AARK pro-rata per-block basis. esAARK is non-transferrable.

$AARK is the governance token of Aark Digital. Improvement proposals may be made for parameters(liquidation threshold, Ecosystem allocation, rewards, fee structure, audits, and others) and new products(perpetual options, NFT, listings perps, spot, and RWA as well as features including multichain and order book) once the DAO is launched.

$AARK may be staked for traders to receive tiered fee discounts. Specific tier requirements and the corresponding discounted fee rates are as follows: