MOON FESTIVAL🌕 — Reward Season for DeFi Visionaries


Aark is thrilled to announce the MOON FESTIVAL, an airdrop campaign designed to invite more DeFi visionaries before TGE. The festival is split into 3 phases, each with unique charm and rewards.

Today, we unveil the mysteries of Phase 1: New Moon.
Let’s dive in!

TL;DR for Phase 1

  • Event Timeline: Mar 4th 13:00 UTC to Mar 18th 00:00 UTC.
  • Airdrop Allocation: 10,000,000 esAARK.
  • Eligibility: Aark users, stakers of $PYTH, $TIA, and holders of $JUP.
  • Bonus Quest: Share allocation on Twitter. Trade and LP to convert 25% of esAARK to $AARK.
  • Moon Credits: Trade at MOON MODE to earn Moon Credits that are instantly usable as trading margin.
  • Leaderboard Competition: Earn points to stay on top of the Leaderboard for more AARK rewards.

Phase 1: New Moon — Glimpse into the Dark

  • Event Timeline: Mar 4th 13:00 UTC to March 11th 00:00 UTC
  • Airdrop Allocation: 10,000,000 esAARK*
    *Convert 25% to $AARK by completing Quests. Full details are below.

Who Can Join

  1. Aark Users:
    Holders of at least 5000 $AARK + esAARK.
    - Testnet participants, excluding Sybil.
  2. Token Stakers/Holders:
    Staking at least 1200 $PYTH or 100 $TIA on respective protocols.
    - Holding at least 1200 $JUP.
    - Based on the snapshot taken on Feb 29th at 02:00 UTC.
  3. Important Note on Eligibility:
    AARK is distributed on a First Come, First Served(FCFS) basis.
    - You can be eligible for both 1) and 2).
    - For 2), you can be only eligible for one Token.

How to Claim Your Airdrop

Ensure you are eligible for the airdrop with these simple steps:

  1. Head to the Airdrop Page.
  2. Agree to the Rules & Policy.
  3. Pick an active Airdrop Quest.
  4. Connect your wallet.
  5. Check if you meet the eligibility criteria.
  6. Confirm your eligibility.
    - If unsuccessful, try using a different wallet.
  7. Complete the Quest.
    - Finish the Bonus Quest to receive 25% of airdrops in $AARK.
  8. Confirm your airdrop allocation.
    - The actual airdrop claim will be available at TGE.

Policy & Rules

General Policy

  • Each Phase proceeds one at a time.
  • The completed Phase cannot be joined again.

Eligibility Verification

  • Wallets verified for one Token($PYTH, $JUP, $TIA) cannot be verified for other Tokens.
  • Eligibility for other criteria remains open until confirmed.
  • Verification is final and irreversible.

Quest Completion

  • Quest status will be automatically updated if the conditions are met.

Claiming AARK

  • AARK is distributed on a First Come, First Served(FCFS) basis.
  • The actual $AARK and esAARK claim will be available at TGE.

Bonus Quests

After verifying eligibility for airdrops of each Phase, you’ll be asked to share your airdrop allocation on Twitter.

Then, you can join the other Bonus Quests below. Upon completing one of these, 25% of your esAARK allocation will be converted to $AARK. Bonus Quests are either of the two:

  • Make at least $10,000 daily trading volume in the altcoin market from Classic Mode for 3 days. The volume resets every day at 00:00 UTC.
  • Provide LP to AALP with 0.2 stETH/rETH or 500 GM with a 2-month lock-up.

📈 Leaderboard Competition

Join the battleground for Aarkadians to earn more rewards by completing various tasks!

  • The competition page will open upon completing at least one Quest.
  • Stack up points from various activities, reflected in real-time on the Leaderboard. Details below.
  • At the end of MOON FESTIVAL, extra AARK will be distributed according to the Total Points.

Leaderboard and Points System:

Stack your points on the Leaderboard and earn extra rewards:

  • Daily Check-ins: Start with 100 points on day 1, escalating to 300 points by day 7.
  • Quest Points: 10,000 points per completed Quest.
  • Trading Points: 1 point for every $100 traded. (excluding MOON MODE volume)
  • Moon Credit Points: 10 points for every 1 Moon Credit.
  • Referred Users: Users that join through your referral code and have completed at least one Quest.
  • Final Formula: (Quest Points + Trading Points + Moon Credit Points) * (1+(Referred Users*10)/100)

🌛 Moon Credits: Your Stellar Boost

Exciting rewards to brave degens of MOON MODE. Claim what you deserve.

1 Moon Credit is instantly usable as a $1 margin for MOON MODE.

  • How to Earn: Earn a Moon Credit every 5 seconds, and each MOON MODE position is not liquidated.
  • How to Use: Use Moon Credit as your MOON MODE margin, up to 30% of your margin.

The table below shows the amount of Moon Credits you can earn from each market at the specific leverage ratio of your position.

Moon Rewards for AALP Users

Are you an LP on Aark? We have something special for you. Click the link below👇

Ready, Set, Moon!

Our most exciting event, MOON FESTIVAL, is happening at Aark. NOW!

The first phase, New Moon🌒 has just begun.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to earn more; check if you’re eligible for any rewards.

Phase 1: New Moon🌒 is merely the beginning. More challenges and rewards are waiting — stay tuned for updates on Phase 2: Half Moon🌓 and Phase 3: Full Moon🌕.

Mark your calendars, strategize your moves, and let the MOON FESTIVAL bring out the ultimate degen in you.

Join the MOON FESTIVAL, and let’s reach for the stars together.