🌕 Moon Rewards for AALP Users


AALP community members! Enjoy AARK rewards proportional to your AALP position size.

LPs have helped Aark become the most liquid DEX with our RMM. As our thanks to LPs who have been working hard along the team, no Quests to convert esAARK to $AARK!

🚀 Moon Rewards: A Token of Our Appreciation

  1. Allocation: 2,000,000 AARK(500,000 $AARK + 1,500,000 esAARK)
  2. Eligibility: Users who have been providing LP at the snapshot of Feb 29th 03:00 UTC.
  3. The actual $AARK and esAARK claim will be available at TGE.

Ready, Set, Moon!

Our most exciting event, MOON FESTIVAL, is happening at Aark. NOW!

The first phase, New Moon🌒 has just begun.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to earn more; check if you’re eligible for any rewards.

Details below👇

Phase 1: New Moon🌒 is merely the beginning. More challenges and rewards are waiting — stay tuned for updates on Phase 2: Half Moon🌓 and Phase 3: Full Moon🌕.

Mark your calendars, strategize your moves, and let the MOON FESTIVAL bring out the ultimate degen in you.

Join the MOON FESTIVAL, and let’s reach for the stars together.