Staking AARK 101 — Unlock Full Potential of AARK

Staking your $AARK or esAARK is more than just a way to earn rewards — it’s a strategic move to maximize your investment in the Aark ecosystem. Here’s why staking benefits you and the various options available.

What Do Stakers Earn?

Stakers earn a combination of $AARK, esAARK emissions, and Multiplier Points, collectively known as Staking Rewards. These rewards enhance your earnings and contribute to the growth of the Aark ecosystem. For details on Staking Reward, please check our Final Tokenomics Medium article.

Benefits of Staking AARK

  1. Unclaimed AARK Allocation:
  • The Advance Claim Option allows for an instant claim of 30% of your Linear Unlock amount. 50% of the remaining 70% is allocated to stakers, with the other 50% burnt. This boosts the overall reward pool for all stakers.

2. 50% Staking Boost:

  • The Maximum Staking Reward: Stake your claimable $AARK at TGE to receive a 50% reward boost, generating an exclusive APR of over 180%. This high APR is only available until June 10th, the TGE date.

3. 25% Staking Boost:

  • Maximum Staking Reward for Linear Unlock Amount: Don’t leave your unvested AARK sitting around until they are fully unlocked after 2 months. Instead, stake them to earn a Staking Reward with 25% Staking Boost. This currently provides an exclusive APR of over 150%. After 3 months, you will receive a boosted Staking Reward with a fully unlocked Linear Unlock Amount.

4. Flexible Staking and Vesting:

  • Post-TGE Staking: Within 1 week after TGE, you can still deposit your AARK to earn 25% Staking Boost. What’s different from before the TGE is that if you have claimed both $AARK and esAARK at TGE, you can stake your $AARK and deposit esAARK into the vesting module. This approach allows you to earn staking rewards with a 25% boost while accelerating the conversion of esAARK to $AARK.
  • Boosted Vesting: The vesting period can be shortened by staking more AARK. Normally, esAARK converts to $AARK over 12 months. However, this period is reduced by staking 100% of your $AARK in the vesting module to 9.6 months. Staking 200% can shorten it to just 8 months.

5. Basic Staking Option:

  • No Lock-Up Required: If you prefer flexibility, choose the basic staking option without a 3-month lock-up. This option will open on June 10th, allowing you to earn Staking Rewards without committing to a long-term lock-up.


Staking $AARK offers tailored options to suit various preferences and maximize returns. Whether you opt for boosted rewards or flexible staking, the program is designed to benefit the entire Aark community.